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Subject: Re: [DNA] English Genealogists
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 13:48:14 EDT

I am not talking about benefit. Some cannot get past the 1841 census,
others don't hit a wall until the Middle Ages. The point is that many are
"happy" with the status quo, or don't consider the end worth the means.


Or somehow aren't fully aware of what can be achieved by DNA testing,
especially for surname genealogy.

My point is that in order to solve the problem of British participation in
DNA projects, we need to identify the underlying reason why most Britons
are willing to accept the results of traditional research, regardless of the
limits it might impose.

I have always wanted to trace my Britton line back to England, ever since
I realised that the old family chart was wrong and we probably didn't
descend from John Britton of Hadleigh.

And if my family had never left England in the first place, I believe I'd
still have wanted to go back to the time when surnames were adopted and
explore the limits of what's possible, simply because it's my nature to do so.
DNA testing is the only means to this end in most cases.


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