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Subject: Re: [DNA] English Genealogists
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 11:27:43 -0700 (PDT)
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Lindsey wrote:

My point is that in order to solve the problem of  British participation in DNA projects, we need to identify the underlying reason  why most Britons are willing to accept the results of traditional research,  regardless of the limits it might impose.


One reason Brits do not want to participate is because they are afraid DNA testing is going to disprove their lineage.  I offered to pay for a DNA test for a Philipps line that I would especially like to identify and got this response yesterday:

I'm so sorry, but I am not prepared to bother my brother with this. He refers all family history enquiries back to me as it is. I really dont think it's all that important to him. Major Francis Jones made a connection between the two families of Picton and Cwmgwili with the aid of documentation back in the 1960s and as far as the Cwmgwili Philipps family is concerned, although not 100%, that's satisfactory. Objects and traditions in the family bear out the kinship to the Picton Philipps.  Both the Philipps of Cwmgwili and the Stedman family,(the forebears of Jane, the mother of Griffith Philipps MP for Carmarthen 1712-81) claim descent from the children of William the son of Sir Thomas Philipps. I refer you to Jones' monograph on the subject
and also

(for the later history). There are small mistakes certainly, but overall I and my Cwmgwili relations are very happy with Jones conclusions; all existing documentation bears out his interpretation.
I suggest those looking for answers on this subject refer extensively to Jones and the Cwmgwili papers. Sorry I couldn't be more positive about this. It'd be nice to be 100%, but I'm 99.99%+ sure the connection is very much as Jones postulates.

Nancy Kiser
Volunteer administrator
Phillips DNA Project

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