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Subject: Re: [DNA] Number of matches for WAMH in FTDNA database
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 15:48:53 EDT

One of our Davenport lines is WAMH. On 12 markers they have 2060 exact
matches. They vary from the WAMH 25 by one, so they have 22 exact matches, 141
with a GD of one, and 548 with a GD of two. By 37 markers they are
different by three additional markers.

Bill Davenport


In a message dated 3/14/2010 3:23:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Does someone have a number for the number of exact WAMH matches at
markers in the FTDNA database? I'm giving a talk tomorrow and wanted to
mention it. Or just what is a really large number of matches. The Dorseys
all seem to have some odd marker that sets them aside so I can't pick the
number off of any of my pages. Fortuitous for us anyway:)



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