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Subject: [DNA] Was English genealogy - Ashkenzi-Levite
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I was surprised to find out the oral tradition of being a Levite did not tie
me back to Levi son of Jacob, but possibly Joseph or Bulan the Khazarian...

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Hi Everyone
I agree totaly, I have also had some strange reactions to DNA results.
The one that is most prominent is the Medley family of Maryland,somewhere
down the track they adopted my Medley Family from Elland in Yorkshire.On the
information provided it seemed ok, that was until myself and an extremely
distant relation who still used the original spelling of the name Methley
decided to have our DNA tested. The result was we were a extremely good
match having a common ancestor about 700 years ago (exactly what we
expected) HOWEVER or Haplogroup was totaly different to those of the
Maryland Medleys, making it impossible for them to be from our Elland
Now it gets interesting, despite approaches to the Maryland Medleys we have
had no response,in fact an approach made to a prominent Medley family member
in Kentucky was dissmissed out of hand.
It seems that it is more important for some to have a tree going back to the
middle ages than to have the truth!

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