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From: Nancy Kiser <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] English genealogy
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 14:43:21 -0700 (PDT)
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Lindsey wrote:

I can't help thinking that an even number of Britons have grave concerns
about privacy.  I know one Englishman who runs a private project  at Family Tree, probably for this reason.  At one point, I persuaded  him to add his haplotype to Y-search, which he did, then suddenly removed it  after several months.  While privacy is less of an issue in the US, another of my Harrison cousins refused my offer of a free test for that  reason.


I agree that privacy is another hot button issue for the skittish British.  Here is a response from a Brit that one of our members received a year ago:

Sorry to hear about your lack of interest from the British contingent. I appreciate your scientific interest in the DNA analysis, however I think that there are cultural differences at work here. I'll attempt to explain. From our rather reserved British point of view, you may as well be asking for my husband's heart on a platter or about our sexual health! Without wanting to offend you, it's interpreted as equally inappropriate, outrageous, crazy, offensive, and suspicious.
The fee for the testing is not an issue. We would not be at all interested in sending DNA or using a DNA analysis kit from anyone. For us, to do so would mean providing highly personal, confidential and sensitive information that we have not analysed ourselves. We would certainly not send that info blind to anyone, for risk of it being mis-used.  I do hope you understand and the explanation helps.  I wish you well with your interesting project.

Despite all the rejections we have received, the Phillips project has had some success in recruiting the British.  We currently have over 30 Brits in the project and I am one of the lucky Americans who has received a British match.  I believe we just have to keep suggesting DNA analysis to the British until it starts sounding normal to them.  It is simply a matter of getting them accustomed to the idea.  We have to grow a thick skin, ignore all the rebuffs and keep trying.

Nancy Kiser
Volunteer administrator
Phillips DNA Project

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