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Subject: Re: [DNA] English Genealogists
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 18:39:30 EDT

My first ever contact across the pond was gentleman whose address was
provided by the Member's Interests Secretary of a Family History Society
chapter. As luck would have it he and several others had recently pooled their
resources and paid for a paper "trawl" chasing the same establish
the origins of an alias...mine. Of course, he and the others, were delighted
at my offer and seemed familiar with the basics. And, they helped recruit
an American candidate interested in the same question.

I've gotten full support from every single contact in England. What they
all have in common is that they are genealogists. They are not the sorts who
purchase a book on their surname's origins and ignore the rest. I don't
know if some of the negative responses reported here are cold contacts or not.
Mine was a very specific goal. My initial contact: 1. Laid out that goal.
2. Provided links to the best explanations of genetic genealogy testing. 3.
Emphasized potential benefits to the participant apart from my little

This has been brought up before and I'm amazed at what some projects do to
promote genetic genealogy in England. My experience has been nothing but
positive. But every contact has been with a family historian.

A female member of one of our Aussie "mobs" reported that the male members
were a bunch of "zooks." It sounds as if some, in other families, have been
located in the homeland.

Tom Butler (alias Rawlings)

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