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From: Michael Maddi <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FW: Genome workushers innew geneticera- howcan we minenew data?
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 18:18:36 -0700 (PDT)

Sandy Patterson wrote:

And would I be correct in my thinking that if Craig Venter or James Watson
were M222+, we'd already be aware of some very useful SNP's downstream of
M222+ and which thus must have occurred within the last 1500 years or so?

My reply:

Actually, it's the case that both Venter and Watson are U106+. In the case of Venter, he's also L48+, which is downstream of U106. L48 was discovered in 2008 when a member of the R1b-U106 Project tested at 23andMe. He provided his yDNA SNPs to the public spreadsheet of 23andMe yDNA results maintained by Adriano Squecco.

Someone noticed that he had a SNP which corresponded to a SNP found in Venter's public genome sequence. Until that person submitted his yDNA results to Adriano's spreadsheet, no one could know that Venter's SNP, now known as L48, is not a private SNP. It turns out that, along with R1b-L21, R1b-L48 is one of the biggest R1b1b2 subclades among European men. About 50% of U106+ men are also L48+. However, L48 is probably about 3-4,000 years old.

There are other cases of new SNPs being discovered in 23andMe results and Walk Through the Y projects at FTDNA. This limited testing of the y chromosome gives a small taste of what full genome sequencing of yDNA will accomplish.

Mike Maddi

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