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Subject: Re: [DNA] to FTDNA
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 07:47:19 -0400
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Hi Stella,

No one tested elsewhere can "officially" join an FTDNA project and be included
in their database or in the their version of your project web site. If you have
a "personal" web site for your project, you are certainly free to include people
tested at other labs.

Many of the markers tested by Ancestry are the same as those tested among the
standard markers at FTDNA (markers 1-67), but some are comparable only to
markers in FTDNA's "advanced" markers. Also, some Ancestry markers need
conversion factors applied to them to be directly comparable to FTDNA. This is
an example of someone tested at Ancestry, then included in my web site:

Be certain to indicate any conversions you made and the date you made them.
Labs can change the way they report markers, so the conversion factors may
change over time.

One of the better places to check on the most current conversion factors is at
I can't remember whether you have to be registered there to access this page,
but if it asks you to sign in, do go ahead and register. The site has many
features that will help you, especially its database.

The best avenue would be for this individual to purchase the "conversion kit"
and join your FTDNA project "officially," but it's understandable why people,
especially people only just tested, balk at the expense of being tested, again.
I've sometimes found that, after awhile, such an individual tires of not being a
"full-fledged" member, and later purchases the conversion.

Hope this helps,

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> We have someone interested in joining our PLATT group who has
> been tested with I have a post into FTDNA but have not
> heard from them. Can anyone tell me if the Ancestry markers can be
> transferred into FTDNA, and how do they equate? Thanks
> Stella
> PLATT Group Administrator

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