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Subject: Re: [DNA] English genealogy
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:53:35 -0400

> Viking, Angle / Saxon / Jute, Briton, Roman soldier - that is what
> excites most Britons. Is the G2 found in "amazing" percentages near
> the sites of ancient Roman castra a mere coincidence?


Speaking of non-native DNA subhaplogroups occurring around Roman Forts
in England, see the reaction I got when I asked for DNA testing 2 years
ago here:

I found it is best to be pleasant, patient, persistent but not pushy
when dealing with the English. Some will step forward and be very
helpful right away. For others, it takes a lot of evidence, especially
their own British generated research before they will even consider
testing. But I do respect the privacy issues and certainly there are
haplotypes that are unique and possibly stigmatizing. It is best to
just slowly collect evidence and let the DNA, the history and the
archaeology support our hypotheses. I learn something new and exciting
every year from the Brits.

By the way, there are stubborn skeptics on both sides of the Pond.
Maybe we all inherited those genes from the same place.

Kathy J.

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