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From: Brandy Tracy <>
Subject: [DNA] help please
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:03:18 -0500

I am not sure this is the place to ask this question, but:

I have a 5 year old female child conceived with anonymous donation. I
did a DNA on my Donor, myself and daughter. My child has developed a
mysterious illness that several doctors are puzzled about. Here is
what I received from the DNA place. My question is.....would a
mutation on the DSX10011 cause health issues?

"Donor X STR: DSX10011=40, DXS10066=14, DXS10067= 18, DXS10068=20,
DXS10069=14, DXS10131= 9
Offspring STR: DSX10011=41, DXS10066= 14, DXS10067= 18, DXS10068=20,
DXS10069=14, DXS10131= 9

Mother X STR DSX10011=35.2 DXS10066=11 DXS10067= 15 DXS10068=19
DXS10069= 14 DXS10131= 10

Your daughter has 2 sets of data, because she has 2 X-chromosomes.
As you can see, your daughter and the donor nearly match, but at the
first marker, they should both be 40; however, daughter showed up as
41. This could just be an error, so the sequencing will be repeated.
We noted that her other X-chromosome, which she got from you, has 35.2
at the first marker. This is just a very rare result – almost no one
has this marker (fewer than 1 person in 1000) For several reasons, it
would help us a lot to get a swab of your own cheek cell DNA, so that
we can verify that this marker is correct, and not the result of a
problem with our standards."

The man I spoke with explained this DSX10011=41 could be a mutation.

The DNA was redone .......with the same results. My child seemed
healthy until she was 20 months old, she was hospitalized......she
recovered and seemed fine until last month. She developed an on going
case of Group A Streptococcus bacteria, then a case of Salmonella,
then arthritis, and know a weird rash, stomach pain, and on going

I am child has seen 4 pediatrician, a GI doctor, and a
Pediatric Rheumatologist. I want to see a genetic doctor....bit need a
referral and do not have one yet. I feel like her DNA might be playing
a roll!!!!!!!! I need some advice from SMART people! I feel like these
doctors have little knowledge about DNA...when I speak with
them....they all have a confused blank look on their faces.

I have read some info about mutation on the X chromosome, but I do not
understand what I am reading.......some of the stuff talks about the

I am a desperate mother, I want to go into her next appointment on
March 29th....with my guns loaded. Any answers, explanations,
thoughts, assumptions....or 2-cents.....would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I am sorry if I did not post in the right spot.....I am not computer

Thank you Brandy

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