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Subject: Re: [DNA] English genealogy
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 18:47:49 -0400

> Did you actually get any DNA participants as a result of your
> message?
> Nancy

I can’t really say that particular conversation got me any new DNA
converts. But I was not necessarily looking for a high number of
related individuals to test. I am just happy to have one male, born and
raised in England who is willing to let me play with his DNA. I was
able to order advanced SNPs to prove that his motif indeed was Eastern
European and not native to Britain. It also showed that his haplotype
jumped from the UK to N. America directly and was not the result of
some traveling salesman from Croatia or an NPE. Both the surnames and
DNA matched well enough.

If you have a surname in mind, try Googling or searching all the
genealogy web sites for that particular surname looking for those with
UK e-mail addresses.

What I really enjoy now is just hearing from Yorkshire every year in
August when the townspeople become archaeologists and do their annual
dig around the local golf course. They are dedicated amateur
archaeologists over there just like we think we are population
geneticists here. They have produced all kinds of evidence showing that
the soldiers who served as auxiliary forces stayed on long after the
Romans left and probably fathered children, hence supporting my
suggestion that the ancestry goes back 2000 years. I am gathering a
nice collection of digital photos from there anyway and connecting with
local people. You can deal with the doubting Thomases better when you
have something to show for all your queries even if the DNA is hard to

Kathy J.

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