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Subject: Re: [DNA] Clades, Definitions, Discoveries, FTDNA
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 23:18:05 -0700
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Dear Vince,
Do you have some recent data on which you are projecting the SNP
mutation rate to be 1-in-30 million bps on the Y? The last time I looked at
this I was coming up with estimates of about one SNP every 4-6 generations.
09 and
92 for background. I certainly hope that the Y mutation rate is as frequent
as every 1-2 generations since that would all reconstruction of Y surname
trees more precisely than if new SNPs occur only once every 4-6 generations.
Tim Janzen

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Clades, Definitions, Discoveries, FTDNA

If you want to know how many SNPs per birth you are likely to observe,
mutliply the mutation rate (which is closer to 1-in-30 million bps,
actually, for the Y) by the number of observed sites.

(1/30,000,000) * 25,000,000 = .83

That is, we should observe a Y-SNP difference every birth or two.


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