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From: peter spencer <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] S28 SNP - The ''Latin'' R1b
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:43:15 -0500
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Mr Vizachero,
you ask where is the remaining component of the roman Y-dna range within the
Welsh romano british-

"Why is there such a high presence of E3b in Northern Wales ? "

Its there. Notice it is also in the north wales region of Angelsley that was
so impacted/targeted by the Roman Occupation/Colonisation.
Lastly, I do not covet the concept of Roman heritage of seek to shelter
under your own ancestral heritage, I am simply following the data where it
seems to lead.

regards, Peter

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Vincent Vizachero <>wrote:

> There is not a "massive proportion" of Italians who are R-U152. The
> data so far suggest that R-U152 amount to slightly less than 50% of
> Italian R1b1b2 and thus less than 20% of Italians overall.
> 20% is not nothing, but it isn't what I would call massive.
> I'll leave it to others to deduce the actual level of R-U152 in
> Wales. But if, as you say, it is 20% of R1b1b2 then the only way that
> you could get that from Romans is if half of all Welsh R1b1b2 came
> from Romans. And if that were true (it isn't) then where is the rest
> of the Italian genetic composition (E, G, J, T, etc.)?
> Given the age and distribution of R-U152 in Europe, it would be hard
> to imagine a situation in which Wales was empty of R-U152 before the
> Romans arrived.
> As someone who prizes his Italian ancestry, it tickles me that some
> many folks romanticize their ancestors as "Roman soldiers". But when
> it comes down to the actual data, it is rarely there. The region you
> identify as being under Roman domain also has lots of other
> connections, dating back to the proto-ItaloCelt languages that
> predated the Roman Empire by many centuries.
> VV
> On Mar 16, 2010, at 2:54 AM, peter spencer wrote:
> > Now..
> > this coupled with the massive proportion of Italian samples that are
> > also
> > R1b / S28+ seems of some significance..
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