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Subject: Re: [DNA] Question about matches on Chromo #7 at 23andme RF
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 19:39:05 EDT

I'm showing up late at this thread, but I've been away from home and didn't
have access to all my files. But now I'm back, and I can't find the file
I'm thinking of! Anyway, your observation may be somewhat of an artifact,
since intergenic areas are a lot larger than genes (about 5% of the genome).
There are known examples of recombination hotspots within gene boundaries,
though. If I recall the article, I'll post the citation later.

Ann Turner

In a message dated 3/12/2010 12:17:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> In the case of my problem I mentioned above, I took a look at the
> segments on the deCodeMe viewer, and I noticed that in either group the
> segments were starting and ending in large intergenetic areas, and that
> there were series of fairly closely spaced genes that stuck together, so
> segments won't start or stop just anywhere.

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