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There's an additional wrinkle here, in that if you have been a part of a DNA group at Ancestry.Com and had an account at and to access an Ancestry.Com DNA group, you can also access it via the "new" interface. So in a way the upcoming fee for access could be considered to have "something to do" with the DNA groups.

However, I would guess that a majority of the people who have been a part of the and will continue to access the DNA projects in the same manner and not use the access. If the DNA project admin or someone in the group pays for the access, there are some positive advantages to the use of the access.

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And as far as I can tell, results are only available to those who have been
tested there or who have uploaded results. I'm told this has led to people
uploading phony results, just to gain access.


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> The above statement is inaccurate. The fee pertains to "My Family"
> subscriptions and has nothing whatever to do with
>'s DNA groups (projects).

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