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From: Steven Bird <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] S28 SNP - The ''Latin'' R1b
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:06:16 -0400
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I won't belabor the point, as most have probably read my little tome from 2007, but the E1b1b1 haplotypes in northern Wales are probably from the central Balkans, not Italy. There is of course the 20th Legion in Chester, which could have provided quite a few Italian haplotypes in the vicus and in surrounding areas. There is plenty of archaeological evidence of retired Roman military settlement in the region.

For those who missed it, here's the link to the paper with all of the evidence:

I think the hamlet in question is Abergele, which is in Clwydd, not Anglesey. I know that there is a study on Abergele in the works from a British university, but have no idea when they plan to publish.


> You can check your sources, but if your theory were correct then there
> would be just as much E1b and more J in Wales than R-U152.
> > Its there. Notice it is also in the north wales region of Angelsley
> > that was
> > so impacted/targeted by the Roman Occupation/Colonisation.
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