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Subject: Re: [DNA] English genealogy
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:29:55 -0400
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Well, shoot me for using the word, "proven."

If The Mayflower Society has only 75,000 members, then what is the basis for the
statement on the Society's web page that,

"Today there are tens-of-millions of individuals descended from these brave

Are they just guessing? Is it a reasonable estimate?


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> Maybe, Diana, but there's "proved" and there's PROVED. ;-)
> To join the Mayflower Society one has to practically jump
> through fiery hoops of primary documentary proof. Even after
> I knew the line was there and for real it took me over a year
> to assemble to primary documentation required for the Society
> membership. In 2005, my (new) membership ID number was near
> the 75,000 mark. It could be a bit higher now, but the
> proved lines are not nearly in the millions.
> Steve
> > I would not put descent from a Mayflower passenger in the
> > same class as "Indian Princess" legends. There are *millions*
> > of Americans who have proven that descent:
> >

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