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From: "Jim Bullock" <>
Subject: [DNA] Mayflower Descendants
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:13:46 -0600
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Steve wrote:

>>One problem is that over half of the Mayflower passengers died in the
first winter, and the rest were either children or spouses of the male
passengers. There are 29 known individual passengers that had descendants.
Some were spouses, so the ancestral gene pool is actually a bit less than
that, at 26 known couples. The other 73 passengers left no known

There were a few Mayflower descendants who never crossed the pond. Those
were the children of Mayflower passengers who stayed either in England or

Cokie Roberts did an article for USA Weekend in 2002 on Mayflower
descendants. The cover shows an African American Boy, a Chinese American
girl, and a European man--all three are Mayflower descendants. The article
is at

Jim B.

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