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Subject: Re: [DNA] need 23 and me assistance
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 01:02:01 -0400
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Hi Nelda,

The raw numbers don't mean anything to air breathing humans. They are used
for downloading and sending to people who are doing special projects where
they are comparing the raw data looking for recurrent segments, such as the
Anabaptist project and some of the SNP hunters.

You can also look at your haplogroup info, if you don't have it from another

I have found nothing useful genealogically about comparing traits.

The round chart, I presume, is the percent of ethnicity, which many people
find interesting, if chronically conservative.

Global similarity is interesting as well.

The X is under "family inheritance" where you are comparing two people. The
Y is also there. They are not shown under "ancestry painting" which shows
you your ethnicity spread out over your chromosomes.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: [DNA] need 23 and me assistance

I have a cousin asking how to use the 23 and me results.

I know about looking in your ancestors for shared ancestors in different
lineages. I know that round chart with the numbers. But which ones do you
use for the X chromosome.

And how do you look at the raw results? Why? what does it tell you...

Anything I'm missing?? It is way different from advising a Y-dna project..

Help please.. and keep it simple if you can..


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