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Subject: Re: [DNA] English genealogy
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 07:58:37 EDT

Steve and Ken,

If it helps: 29 Mayflower immigrant couples produced 161 children. 145
survived to adulthood. The survival rate seems unusually high for the


In a message dated 3/16/2010 9:45:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

One problem is that over half of the Mayflower passengers died in the
first winter, and the rest were either children or spouses of the male
passengers. There are 29 known individual passengers that had descendants. Some
were spouses, so the ancestral gene pool is actually a bit less than that,
at 26 known couples. The other 73 passengers left no known descendants.

So an average Mayflower person in 12
> generations would have 4000 descendants.

26 couples would yield 104,000 descendants. That number is certainly
within the ballpark of the total membership that has joined, somewhere slightly
to the north side of 75,000 as of 2005. Plus, you can't count anyone
prior to the founding of the society that died as a member, because they could
not have applied. No application from William Brewster, for example. ;-)

Certainly not millions and millions, a la McDonald's Hamburgers.


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