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From: (John Chandler)
Subject: Re: [DNA] OT How many races are there?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 13:45:05 -0400
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Vince wrote:
> DNAPrint could just as
> easily run their analysis with k=2 or k=4. They picked three because,
> well, triangles are elegant.

In fact, they picked four, not three. Their diagrams showed three at
a time on a triangle, and they eventually put togather a diagram with
four triangles to show contours for all four. However, it should be
noted that they started out trying to work with k=5 and failed to get
a consistent determination. It's possible that their test cases
included some especially tough calls on the boundary between Asia
and Polynesia/Oceania and that they could have proceeded with their
5-component scheme to the same sort of brief commercial success
that the 4-component scheme enjoyed, but there would have been all
the more fudging in the interpretation of minor admixtures.

John Chandler

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