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From: argiedude <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b1* and J* in Bali, Indonesia
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 19:39:36 -0300
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Go to Dienekes Blog and search for the post about Karafet's study of Indonesia. It has almost 200 comments, and there are lots of links put up by me and others with this and other studies of Indonesia and New Guinea.

But I'm sorry, there are no haplotypes. Maybe you could write Karafet a letter and explain that the J* found in their study is very remarkable. They said absolutely nothing about it. Make sure to request ALL haplotype info :)

I'm disappointed at everyone here. I just pointed out that we've found freaking R1b1* (or maybe R1b1b1) in Indonesia and nobody cares. There's no logical explanation for it. It can't be European, that would be just too unlikely, and India seems to be just as unlikely, also, because Sengupta's study of India found 0 R1b1* or R1b1b1 out of 900 samples.

> Wow! Thanks for the heads-up!
> I'm dying to see those J* haplotypes! Can anyone be so kind as to send
> me a copy of the article and supplementary data?
> I'm sure the other haplotypes are going to be interesting too...
> Thanks!
> Bonnie

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