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From: "Raymond Whritenour" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] OT How many races are there?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:51:45 -0400
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That DNAPrint Euro-test was a disaster. People were getting very bizarre results, which didn't match their known ancestries, except by the longest stretches of their imaginations.

Ray Whritenour
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Subject: Re: [DNA] OT How many races are there?

Ray wrote:
> They were NEVER able to discover markers which distinguish Japanese
> from Vietnamese, nor Italians from Norwegians; but, they were ALWAYS
> able to distinguish "East Asians" from "Europeans."

Actually, after they introduced the 175-marker test, they did develop
and market a high-resolution version of it that subdivided the
"Indo-European" class into four subclasses. As I recall, three were
in Europe, and South Asian was the fourth. This is not as specific as
picking out Norwegians from Swedes, but it would tell the difference
between Italian and Norwegian. I don't remember whether they boasted
of 100% accuracy for this test -- it was marketed to hobbyists instead
of detectives -- but I'm sure it must have been quite successful at
identifying the major ethnicity.

John Chandler

PS Does anybody remember who owns the zebra?

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