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Subject: Re: [DNA] Who's Your (Irish) Daddy? On St. Patrick's Day,Henry Louis Gates Jr. reflects on an unknown Irish ancestor.
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Interesting set of comments by Gates. It brings to focus a study that seems
to me has possibilities for scholars of the American institution of slavery.

Of the 35 percent American black male ydna which is European, how would it
statistically divide between Scot, English, Irish, etc.? Would it match
the ydna distribution of the whites in the same regions of the country where
the slaves existed?

There is mention in books on the institution of slavery in USA that on
larger planatations where the owner needed a hired overseer for the
plantation's slave population, that slave overseer was often Scot and
typically of a lower social standing than the owner family. The planatation
owner we could hypothesize would more often be of English ancestry. On
large plantations were the white males mating with slave females more likely
to be the overseers or the plantation owners? This situation may have
changed through time over the era of slavery, or as plantations moved from
the Atlantic tidewater to across the Appalachians to Alabama, Mississippi,
etc. There is then the issue of the distribution of slave numbers found on
large plantations versus the economically humble farmers with just a few
slaves. In which situations would the black female more likely to be
coerced into a sexual relationship with the white males? Would that
influence the ydna haplotype frequencies found today among the black males?
I suspect the English versus Scot versus Irish ratios between large
slave-owning and small slave-owning males might vary.

In other words, could a careful look at the ydna of that 35 percent shed
light on the actual behaviors of the controlling white males during this
historic period?

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Gates Jr. reflects on an unknown Irish ancestor.

> Interesting article from Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
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