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From: "Walter Gabennesch" <>
Subject: [DNA] Genetic Footprint in Italy?
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 05:17:50 -0400

According to the Greek scholar and statesman Polybius (c. 200-118 b.c.). Hannibal Barka crossed the Alps and entered the Po Valley, Italy the last week in September or the third week of the month of November 218 b. c. Hannibal arrived with 12,000 African and 8,000 Spanish Infantry plus 6000 cavalry, the bulk of which was from Numidia. Hannibal was met and welcomed by his Celtic allies the Boii and Insubres. Polybius verifies the numbers given for the strength of Hannibal's Army by saying this information was ordered by Hannibal to be engraved on a bronze tablet. This tablet was attached to a column found in Lacinium. Polybius states he viewed this bronze tablet. Lacinium was a town located on the toe of Italy.

The battle of Placentia took place in December of this same year, 218 b. c. Hannibal and his army then wintered in Cisalpine Gaul.

In the late Spring of 217 b.c., Hannibal left his winter quarters with the Celtic Tribes and advanced south toward Eutria. There in the month of June, he engaged a large Roman force and defeated them at the battle of Lake Trasimene.

Hannibal had spent about five months in winter quarters in the Po Valley. He would spend the following fifteen years marauding up and down Italy.

What genetic footprint did Hannibal's Army leave in Italy, if any?

Walt Gabennesch

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