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From: Al Aburto <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Equivalent Mutations ,relationship between clades and phylogentic tree of Y Chromosome
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 08:26:47 -0700
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To determine "equivalence" absolutely it will take many people testing
all those SNPs. This is the only way.
It could be that they really are all equivalent and that all those
branches have faded out completely from history. After a while though,
after so much testing it becomes clear that the SNPs are "highly likley"
to be equivalent and then one just stops testing them. I've notice that
L27 is being tested less by FTDNA and just L26 is tested mostly now for
example ...

> On 3/19/2010 8:16 AM, Kamel GAZZAH wrote:
> Hello,
> Equivalent Mutations ,relationship between clades and phylogentic tree of Y Chromosome
> By reference to Ytree.ftdna draft version maintained by Thomas,
> equivalent mutations are mutations which are dispalyed in the same line
> (example M410,L152,L212)
> This means that all people who have one of these mutations have also the other ones
> but I wonder if is that 100% sure ?
> 1-For example, are we sure that all people who are M410+ are also L152+ and L212+ ?
> Is it interesting to test some perons who are J2a* with deletion in DYS447 for L152 and L212 ?
> if we find people who are M410+ are L152- or are L212- it will change dramatically the J2a phylogenetic tree
> 2-the same question for L26, L27, L228
> if we find people wo are who are L26+ and L228-, it will change the J2a4 phylogenetic tree
> 3- the same question for L24, L207.1 (J2a4h)
> 4-the same question for M92, M260 (J2a4b1)
> Another question, who is ready or interested to pay for such tests which are very usefull to update the phylogenetic tree ?
> Is it up to the testing companies like FTDNA, or to academic researchers or to us, the clients of testing companies ?
> Kamel Gazzah
> YDNA J2a41(L24,L25,L192.2,L271)
> MT DNA T2b3

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