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Subject: Re: [DNA] Expected NPE's Over 800-1000 Years
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 17:35:27 -0000
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Yes, it seems to have been an allegiance thing rather than bloodlines.

I recently had a look at 67 marker clan Donald haplotypes, the R1a-Red
subgroup (the Norse one that contains the current clan chiefs) compared to
the R1b-Green subgroup
(M222+). The first group seems to exhibit far less diversity than the M222+

Would that, in your opinion, suggest that M222+ has been in Clan Donald
bloodlines for considerably longer than the Nordic DNA?


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NPEs contribute in part to what you see. But for the larger clan surnames,
it was simply males associated with powerful families and estates as
workers, soldiers, and the like simply taking their associated clan surname
in the era when it became more popular or required to express surnames.

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