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From: argiedude <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Map of Indian haplogroups in Indonesia
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 20:11:57 -0300
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> On Mar 18, 2010, at 10:01 PM, argiedude wrote:
> > Together with these 2 samples there were 2 samples of R1b1*.
> There were NO samples identified as R1b1*. The samples are
> R1b1(xM269). I'm just trying to ensure that the list is not misled by
> your mischaracterization.

That's not important. And I'm not forgetting about R1b1b1, I explained in my first posts that these Indonesian samples could belong to R1b1*/R1b1a or R1b1b1, and that either case is extremely hard to justify as due to some historic event.

> > And you're not considering the main point of my post.
> No, I just don't care about the "main point" of your post. What I
> care about is that you are telling people that R1b1* is found
> someplace where it wasn't. These samples (if they are even
> legitimate, which I honestly won't be sure of until I've seen the
> haplotypes or a second confirming study), could just as well be
> R1b1b1. And THAT, given the attested contact between Bali and China
> (among other places) would not be the least bit incredible.
> VV

It would actually be just as incredible as the other possible origins. R1b1b1 in Asia has a very distinctive value of 390=19, so it's very easy to determine how much R1b1b1 there is in China, and there's none. Out of 5,000 Chinese samples in yhrd, there isn't a single one that has 390=19. There were 4 Tibetans (out of 167) that had this value and belonged to R1b1b1. There's a secondary Asian cluster of R1b1b1, and maybe there are 1 or 2 samples of this clade out of the 5,000 Han Chinese samples in yhrd. It's not realistic that Indonesia's R1b1* or R1b1b1 would have come from China.

Most of China's y-dna O belongs to O3, while 85% of Indonesia's y-dna O belongs to O1 and O2. Chinese ancestry in Indonesia is limited, there's virtually no R1b1* or R1b1b1 in China, and we found 2 samples of R1b1*/R1b1b1.

Together with the even harder to explain presence of y-dna J* in Vietnam and Bali, and the sharp isocline right along Wallace's Line of the haplogroups of Indian origin, the case for a paleolithic presence of these lineages in Indonesia is looking very good.

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