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From: William Hurst <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Question about mtDNA full sequence test
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 08:35:28 -0400
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Hi Martha and all,

I just figured out how you are listed on our K Project rolls. Your FGS is in batch 345. Yesterday we got results back from someone in batch 330; they are running behind due to the great number of orders under the discount period back in October and also because of some problems with the test procedures. But I'm seeing new results almost every day.

To your questions: Recently we got results for someone who had one high-resolution match. The two differ on 12 coding-region mutations. In another situation, we have people with high-resolution matches who are in three different subclades. As for you, your HVR results are rather generic; you could be in one of several different subclades. Your two high-res matches do not match each other at the FGS level. So you might continue to match one of them, or not. At any rate, your coding-region results should be very interesting.

You can have coding-region matches which differ at even the HVR1 level. That happens often. So people who are on the same branch of the same subclade don't show up as even low-resolution matches. That's one service I provide; I can explain this type of close match to our Project members. Just make sure you have checked the CR box under "For K Project" under the User Preferences tab on your personal page. I can't explain what I can't see!

Bill Hurst
Administrator, mtDNA Haplogroups K and U8 Projects

> I am in mtDNA haplogroup K based on the low and high resolution hyper variable region tests. I got curious about exploring this further and ordered the full sequence mtDNA test, which has not yet been performed due to a delay at the lab. But now I see that among my high-resolution matches there are two who have done the full sequence test, and when looking at the haplogroups for all my matches, the two under the high resolution matches that have done the full sequence come out with the same subclade. Might I have just deduced that I would have the same subclade as these two and saved myself a handful of money? Is there really any additional value in my doing the full sequence test? Can it show matches that do not show up on the hyper variable region tests? Anything else?
> Thanks in advance, Martha
> [Please excuse any voice recognition errors I may have missed.]

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