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From: argiedude <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Map of Indian haplogroups in Indonesia
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 19:04:55 -0300
References: <BAY128-W29D7961D886B2561B0EA2BC82C0@phx.gbl>,,,<BAY128-W1872C5C2F2F332BC5258DC82A0@phx.gbl>,, , <>, ,<BAY128-W22293A1EE48092195868B8C82A0@phx.gbl>, ,<>,<BAY128-W2E03D92236F10DFC60C79C82A0@phx.gbl>,<>
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Chinese ancestry in Indonesia is extremely reduced. Chinese Han have about 25% y-dna O3a3c (M134), but Indonesians have only 0.25%, so the maximum possible recent ancestry from China is 1%.

R1b1* and R1b1b1 are present at very low rates in Chinese Han, because they have only 0.5% y-dna R, and most of that is clearly R1a.

So there are at most just 20 Chinese origin samples amongst the 2,000 Indonesian samples in the study. R1b1* plus R1b1b1 make up less than 0.2% of Chinese y-dna. Ergo, the likelihood of finding 2 samples of R1b1(xR1b1b2) is less than 1 in 600. And that's using the generous estimate of 0.2% R1b1(xR1b1b2) in China; I didn't find a single sample of R1b1b1 with 390=19 out of 5,000 Chinese samples in yhrd, and the 390=19 cluster is the biggest cluster of R1b1b1.

> There is ONE cluster of R1b1b1 in Asia that has that allele, but there
> are others that do not.
> VV
> On Mar 19, 2010, at 7:11 PM, argiedude wrote:
> > R1b1b1 in Asia has a very distinctive value of 390=19

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