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From: Sam Sloan <>
Subject: [DNA] Native American DNA
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 07:32:23 -0400

Native American DNA

Native Americans are generally classified as being members of one
unified group. However, I spent a year in Central America especially
in Guatemala and Salvador and there are huge differences between them.

The typical Central American Indian is short, no more than 5 feet 2
inches to five feet 4 inches and many of them are under five feet.

The typical Native American we have in the Continental United States
in places like Arizona are tall, powerfully built, probably averaging
5 feet ten inches and many are over six feet. The American Indian girl
that was killed as a Marine in the War in Iraq was a typical example
of this.

These are just my purely unscientific observations, but the
differences between the two groups are so obvious I do not see how
anybody can disagree.

I believe that the Native Americans got here in four different groups
or waves. At least one group came across the Bering Strait to Alaska.
At least one other group came in small boats across the Pacific Ocean,
landing in Chile. Of course, they had not planned to cross the
Pacific. They just got swept here by the ocean currents and survived
by catching fish along the way.

I think there is also a possibility that one group got here by
crossing the Atlantic Ocean, by way of Iceland and Greenland. This
would have happened more than ten thousand years ago, before the
arrival of the White Europeans who now dominate Europe.

My question is: Are there any DNA studies that either prove or
disprove my theory of there being four different types of Native

Sam Sloan

Sam Sloan

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