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How about a group from West Africa that probably was where the OLMEC came
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Subject: [DNA] Native American DNA

> Native American DNA
> Native Americans are generally classified as being members of one
> unified group. However, I spent a year in Central America especially
> in Guatemala and Salvador and there are huge differences between them.
> The typical Central American Indian is short, no more than 5 feet 2
> inches to five feet 4 inches and many of them are under five feet.
> The typical Native American we have in the Continental United States
> in places like Arizona are tall, powerfully built, probably averaging
> 5 feet ten inches and many are over six feet. The American Indian girl
> that was killed as a Marine in the War in Iraq was a typical example
> of this.
> These are just my purely unscientific observations, but the
> differences between the two groups are so obvious I do not see how
> anybody can disagree.
> I believe that the Native Americans got here in four different groups
> or waves. At least one group came across the Bering Strait to Alaska.
> At least one other group came in small boats across the Pacific Ocean,
> landing in Chile. Of course, they had not planned to cross the
> Pacific. They just got swept here by the ocean currents and survived
> by catching fish along the way.
> I think there is also a possibility that one group got here by
> crossing the Atlantic Ocean, by way of Iceland and Greenland. This
> would have happened more than ten thousand years ago, before the
> arrival of the White Europeans who now dominate Europe.
> My question is: Are there any DNA studies that either prove or
> disprove my theory of there being four different types of Native
> Americans?
> Sam Sloan
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