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From: Sam Sloan <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Native American DNA
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 11:44:02 -0400
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On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Al Aburto <> wrote:
> Sam,
> These two recent references refer to a "unified group" crossing the
> Bearing Strait with no support for direct Pacific or Atlantic crossings:
> This old series of references talks about a Pacific crossing and of the
> mtDNA haplogroup X being of European origin but all appear OBE
> (overtaken by events) from recent research work as given in the two
> references above.
> I don't think that Kon Tiki is supported by recent evidence either, but
> their voyage demonstrated the possibility of fishing families making the
> journey westward across thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean:
> ...
> Just my take on the Native American origins (long running) debate ...
> Al
Thank you for these links and you are absolutely correct, I am behind
the times and out of touch with these issues.

However, these DNA studies do not answer the questions of these
observable differences. For example, Central American Indians really
are uncommonly short. Could it be that small size gives them an
advantage in the dense jungles of Central America, whereas large size
is advantageous in the great plains of what is now the United States?

This comes right home here in New York City. When my wife was about to
give birth at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens New York or was attending
pediatric follow-up, I was surprised at how many of the women also
there to give birth were Central American Indians. I would guess that
a good 10% to 20% of all the patients were from there. The local
people in New York just thought of them as "Mexicans", but having
spend time in Central America I knew what they really were.

Right across the street from where I live now in the Bronx New York is
a family of Central American Indians. All of them are under five feet
tall and they go the same school and one of them is in the same class
with my daughter.

Another one of my daughters had a boyfriend for a while who was a
Native American in Arizona. He was well over six feet tall. I could
see by his looks and I told my daughter than he was Native American
but my daughter refused to believe me. I finally spoke to the boy's
mother on the telephone and she confirmed that her family was Native
American and not Hispanic at all.

You do you explain these differences?

Sam Sloan

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