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From: Nancy Kiser <>
Subject: [DNA] The Guild of One-Name Studies and DNA
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 14:34:04 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello, listers,
In the past, the Guild of One-Name Studies in the UK has been somewhat cool or unenthusiastic in their embrace of DNA surname projects, which probably reflects the generally suspicious attitude of the British toward the concept of DNA testing for genealogical purposes in general.
However, that attitude is changing.  On March 6th, GOONS held a guild marketing meeting and arrived at the following conclusions about how they want to be seen:
* A centre of excellence which is seen as supportive and educative
* International
* A broad church
* Technologically advanced and providing support
* Respected and recognised within the genealogical community
* A good web site - already good for data but could be more artistic
* DNA involvement
* More visible
The Guild also came up with the following new promotional ideas:
* Business cards with our web site details, for use at Fairs etc.
* Guild T shirts etc.
* Guild blog and presence on Twitter etc.
* USA Marketing
* Use of video / podcasts
* Multi lingual web site
* More links with other organisations
From an American point-of-view, I think the most important items are that GOONS is interested in more involvement with DNA surname projects and the USA.  In fact, they included the following statement in the conclusion of their report:
The meeting felt that we should not be targeting expansion at all costs, but look for "quality" members. The meeting acknowledged that the potential in the USA was considerable as there are many DNA projects there.
I registered the Phillips DNA project with GOONS about one year ago and I feel it has helped greatly with the recruitment of British participants.  Our GOONS website gets many more hits from the British Isles than does our independent website.  We now have 31 British participants, which I believe is more than most surname projects can boast.  My own Phillips family now has three (count 'em, three) British matches!
So if you are the administrator of a DNA surname project and you want to attract more British participation, I strongly encourage you to consider registering your project with the Guild of One-Name Studies.  Here is a link to the Guild of One-Name Studies:
Nancy Kiser
Volunteer administrator
Phillips DNA Project  

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