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From: Robert Hughes <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] The Rising Tide of Color Against WhiteWorld-SupremacybyLothrop Stoddard
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:52:45 -0400

Ken wrote: A woman in Central Africa did not need a man to survive.
She could pick berries and nuts from the trees. However, in Northern
Europe during the Ice Age, the food consisted of caribou, reindeer and
sea animals such as seals. Women were not physically strong enough to
chase and catch such animals. Therefore, she needed to catch a man who
would bring her food consistently.

Of course, You’ve nailed it. This explains why the early idols and
doll figurines went from the very full figured rotund Venus types to
the later Pamela Anderson type representations.
Thank goodness that European woman didn’t develop a taste for those
northern bog cranberries!
Regards, Robert
Real student answers to real teachers questions. From the RD.

Scene: preschool class on plants.
Teacher: This plant grows something red and round that we use to make
spaghetti sauce. What is it?
Student: Meatballs.

Scene: Fifth–grade social studies class.
Teacher: What do we call the group of advisers to the president?
Student. The cupboard.

Scene: Second-grade math class.
Teacher: In January, Susan could type 17 words per minute. By June,
she could type 26 words per minute. What was the difference?
Student: She practiced.

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