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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Guild of One-Name Studies and DNA
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:29:59 -0400
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Thanks for the additional information, Nancy.

I use Google Analytics on my personal web site, so I know how to install the
tracker code (the code needs to be inserted into each page you wish to track).
I simply didn't realize that FTDNA would allow us to put our own GA tracker code
on their web pages .


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> Subject: Re: [DNA] The Guild of One-Name Studies and DNA
> As I said, I am not very techy and my co-admin does not
> subscribe to this list because he thinks it is too
> contentious.  He does belong to the ISOGG list and has
> recently been explaining to people on that list how to add
> counters like Google Analytics to your WFN and FTDNA
> websites.  You can do it if you are good at website building
> and understand HTML, Java script, etc.  If you want, I will
> ask Tom to contact you off-list.
> However, I vaguely understand some general concepts which I
> will try to briefly explain.  Our GOONS website is a
> subdomain of our independent website, so we can add whatever
> we want to it.  The profile at GOONS is on their platform and 
> has a separate counter which is supplied by GOONS.  WFN also
> supplies a simple counter which just shows number of reads 
> but no additional info like where the hits originate.  A long
> time ago (before I had Tom as a co-admin), I asked Max
> Blankfeld at FTDNA to add a counter to our website there,
> which he did.  Again, it is just a simple counter that does
> not give you any additional analytic info.
> That is the best I can do, but like I said, I can ask Tom to
> contact you if you want more details about how to add
> sophisticated counters to various websites on various platforms.
> Nancy

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