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From: Patrick Tagert <>
Subject: [DNA] Uploading mtDNA FGS results to mitosearch
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:18:52 -0500

Just received results for my FGS upgrade from prior HVR1 + HVR2
results. I have used three different browsers (Safari, Firefox &
Opera) attempting to upload my FGS results to my existing mitosearch
account. In each case, I accessed the upload link in my Family Tree
DNA personal page, which is available when I select Matches from my
home page. In each instance, selecting Matches from the left hand
column of my home page, just below mtDNA, brought me to a page
showing my HVR1 & HVR2 matches at FTDNA. In each instance, there was
a link displayed in the text above the list of matches. In each
instance, clicking that link brought me to a log-in page for
mitosearch. In each instance, after logging in to my existing
mitosearch account, I was directed to an account editing page,
showing my prior HVR1 & HVR2 results, but no new results had been

After many attempts, I finally deleted my existing mitosearch
account, & tried to upload again, this time starting fresh. At this
point, when I attempted to upload, all that was uploaded was my HVR1
results. I finally gave up - what am I doing wrong? To be a little
more specific, when I select the Upload results link, my expectation
is that all of my FGS results would be added to my mitosearch
account. Am I wrong?? I just don't get it. Of course, I could have
just added all of my results to mitosearch manually (which would be
painfully tedious), but then why even have an Upload link? Puzzled.


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