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From: steven perkins <>
Subject: [DNA] Comparing Ancestry Painting (23andme) to Ancestral OriginsGenome Browser (deCODEme)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 23:38:05 -0400


In 23andme my Ancestry Painting is 100% European and my 1st cousin is
99%European and 1% African. At deCODEme in Ancestral Origins I am
2%African, 4% East Asian, and 94% European on Chromosomes 1-22, and
11% African, 1% East Asian and 88% European on the X Chromosome. I
don't have the readings from my cousin yet, but I compared our
ancestry using the Genome Browser and I am noticeably more African
than she is on all but one chromosome, and much more on the X. She has
much more East Asian results on all but one chromosome.

I am wondering how 23andme finds African in her Ancestry Painting but
not in mine. Anyone know how the systems differ?

Does anyone have results from all three autosomal tests: 23andme,
decodeme, and FTDNA? Any differences in biogeographic ancestry
between the tests?



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