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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 14:06:11 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Roberta.... I think I understood it had nothing to do with my haplogroup.  The only reason I mentioned it is because I've had no matches with my HVR 1 and 2 and the FGS test. 
It is for any one related to me throughout my family tree, right?  If I had a full tree based on paper research, it might make it easier but I don't for all my families.  I've already heard from one "cousin" but it's going to take a lot of work, trying to find our connection.
But I am anticipating more cousins, as more test results are completed.  What I've thought was slow going with DNA has now progressed to fast forward.  I think I'll have a hard time keeping up.
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One of the mistakes often made is that people think that their Family Finder
(or Relative Finder, autosomal testing) "cousins" are related to their
haplogroup or haplotype.  They are not.  Your mitochondrial haplogroup has
ONLY to do with your maternal line, directly, up the tree.  Your mother, her
mother, her mother, etc.  Your Y-line haplogroup is the same but up the
paternal line (males only).  Your cousins, on the other hand, can be from
any and all lines in your tree, not just your maternal line.  So don't
expect those cousins to be related to or a match with your haplotype, they
very likely are not, although they might be descended from your maternal
line. They are more likely to be from one of your other lines.  Remember
that at 4 generations back, you have 16 grandparents, and only one of them
carried your N1a1 haplotype.  So your cousins at just 4 generations could
come from any of 16 different lines.  At 5 generations, from anyone of 32
grandparents, etc.

To answer your next questions, yes, you will get more matches as more people
test.  Your DNA is out there fishing for you every single day.

Roberta Estes

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