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From: Greber <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Family Finder Test
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 23:08:40 -0600
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Ok Thanks Tim.

On 25-Mar-10, at 11:01 PM, Tim Janzen wrote:

> Dear Patricia,
> It definitely makes since for you to have your mother tested.
> Having your mom's results will help you find relatives that you
> wouldn't be
> able to find if you only had your data. Having your mom's results
> won't
> exactly give you your dad's autosomal data, but it will allow you in
> many
> cases to determine which autosomal SNPs you inherited from your dad.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen
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> I have a question. I have taken the Family Finder Test, according to
> what you have said it would be worthwhile to have my mother tested. My
> father has passed away, so if both me and my mom take the test I could
> see my autosomal DNA from my Dad?
> Thanks,
> Patricia
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