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From: Harold Vannoy <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Comparing FGS and 23andMe mtDNA Tests - Results Don'tAgree
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:45:58 -0400
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Thank you Ann, I appreciate your answers.

I can now add one thing in regard to the result that I asked about at
23andME position 16184. I have checked the National Center for
Biotechnology Information NCBI) and find that they are currently
using "reference human assembly build 37.1" (23andMe is using "build
36"). Apparently, as you mention below, "build 36" corresponds to
the "Yoruba Reference Sequence." From what I have seen, "build 37.1"
seems to correspond to the "rCRS" (I have not been able to verify
this, but every "RSID" that I have checked correctly references the
rCRS position). When I check "rs28671493" (which is at 23andMe
position 16184) it references position 16183, which I would take to
be its rCRS position.

Thanks again.

Harold Vannoy

At 07:32 PM 3/24/2010, you wrote:
> > Also what about the 23andMe results, that I mentioned, at 23andMe
> > positions 310, 311, and 16184 that don't have a corresponding rCRS
> > position? Apparently 23andMe thinks that they measured SNPs at these
> > locations - why don't they show in the FGS results?
>Partly a poly-C problem and partly a problem of basing things on the Yoruba
>Reference Sequence.

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