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Subject: Re: [DNA] GENEALOGY-DNA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 318
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:16:06 -0700

I am a female with McDonald ancestry. for all I can find, none of my
gr. grandmother's brothers had descendants...maybe they did, but I
can't find her siblings beyond my grandfather's notes other than her
sister Mary. I got in with 23andme but wasn't able to afford Family
Finder. I have yet to connect to anyone who has our McDonalds in
their ancestry, and I can't tell from initials for given name whether
the submitted individual is Allan, Archibald or Alexander. I have both
Allan and Archibald in my ancestry. father and son in reverse order of
what I wrote. does anyone have Nova Scotia (Whycocomagh, River Dennis,
Sydney Mines, Cow Bay/Port Morein area 1815-1900 and later McDonalds?
or McAuley's? they married in through Mary. I've done all I can with
extant census and online vital records, contacted both Donald U.S.A.
and Donald Canada (Canada just said "nothing known", no suggestions
of any sort that might help direct me to records or relatives, not
exactly receptive. U.S. made some attempt, sending me all of the
Archibald McDonalds in thier files at the time.)

does anyone descend from Archibald and Margaret McDonald of
Benbecula/N. Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland and Nova Scotia? I only
know the one child, Allan who m. Sarah McPhail. unfortunately there
are two Allan McDonald and Sarah of Nova Scotia at the same time and
ages, but they are, when properly researched, noteably different-one
Catholic, the other Presbytarian (mine being Presbytarian), mine has
their son Donald on their monolith tombstone in Black Brook. their
children, thankfully, do not all match name-wise or birth year wise.
yet they are often mixed together by researchers far more skilled
than I. the very difference of religion is a dead give-away that they
do not belong to the other family. I've seen servants of different
faith than thier imployer, and once in a while (very scarce) a spouse
will differ, but the under-aged children will all be the same faith as
each other. BODY { font-family:Arial, Helvetica,
sans-serif;font-size:12px; }
children of Allan and Sarah (McPhail) were; Margaret, Mary b. Jul
1847 River Dennis, Archie, Allan, Jr., John, Donald Archibald b. abt
1856 River Dennis, Annie b. 15 Jun 1858 Whycocomagh, James and Kate.
I do not know if they are in order. Annie claims she came to Boston
when she was just 4. I cannot find her or her family in the 1861 NS
census or the 1870 U.S. census. her dad died 16 Mar 1871 and I
believe that was before the 1871 census was taken. her mother died 13
Nov 1907 and I cannot find her on any census. Annie also does not show
up in any census prior to 1900. by then she has removed to Nebraska.
in fact, only Mary and her husband and kids show up regularly in
census. we knew the McDonald kids names, Annie's migration and some
of Mary's older kids names by a letter my grandfather wrote. we also
know that some kids moved to So. California but whether they were
McDonalds or McAuleys wasn't clarified. that's about all I have on
them, except their occupation, they were coal miners.


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