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Subject: Re: [DNA] eyes as a way to tell relatedness
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:35:50 -0700

it may work, but consider this.

when I was a child, my eyes were Pacific ocean bluegreen (from my
Dutch and Friesian ancestry) with amber rays over-lapping it around
the pupil. as I enter into the senior years (and I checked very
carefully yesterday out of curiosity), my eyes are closer to light
green slate, with light ray overlaying that, and rootbeer rays around
the pupil. on very close inspection, you can see the Pacific ocean
bluegreen is still lurking, it shows up around the edge, just barely.
I know that the three blondes in the family have these eyes, my eldest
sibling had mottled dark moss agate eyes, sort of very dark teal with
blackish specks, as did the middle child. I can't we all have
amber/rootbeer rays, i haven't checked. our mother had amber eyes,
her mother was an "odd-eye" and her father had light eyes as well.
her grandmother had deep chocolate eyes with Romany looks, but her
great grandparents had extremely light eyes with standard rawbone
Irish looks.

with all of those eye colors interweaving, can one really tell?

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