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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andme cousin results
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 22:03:44 -0700
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Dear All,
I am doing a study very similar to what David is doing. I am
recruiting known or probable descendents of Jacob Youngman (b. ca 1740, d.
ca 1798) and his wife Mary of Mason Co., Kentucky in hopes of better sorting
out how all of the various Youngmans descend from him. I have results back
from 4 people at this point and am ordering kits for two more in the near
future. I am currently recruiting descendents from all the Youngman lines
for testing. In the process I hope to figure out exactly how my ancestor
Jacob Youngman (b. ca 1825) was descended from Jacob Youngman (b. ca 1740,
d. ca 1798). Like David, I am very excited about the results I have back
thus far and am looking forward to seeing the additional data come in.
Tim Janzen

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The work I conducted was a private study focusing on the descendants of the
son (Adam Young) of a 1709 Palatine immigrant, and this three sons, Lt.
John, Sgt. Daniel who served in Loyalist regiments in the War of the
American Revolution.

In summary this exercise has been wildly successful. There is something
almost "magical" seeing a segment of DNA on an autosome shared with someone
selected because they are a known cousin and so what I am looking at came,
without a doubt, from say Lt. John Young (I also have some of the artifacts
he carried in the Revolution - there is a parallel - but more personal).

David K. Faux.

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