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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andme results
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 14:02:44 -0700

I'd like to "fish" for the common ancestor in a large group of
people who match on a specific chromosome, but with some of them not
listing their ancestral names (and a few being adopted), I'm not
quite sure how to get this done, perhaps someone can advise.

I have 10 people sharing on chr. 2 with me. of those, they are
paired up as 2 couples, 1 group of 5 and a lone individual with no

I believe that several ancestors can be connected to one chromosome,
is that correct? if it is, then I can seperate the groups and the
individual from each other, though it makes the overal collections
smaller by dividing them up into those groups.

the group of 5 individuals I suspect to be connected on Irish
lineage, since one of the individuals is Irish.

they are;

LM vs. Cornelia Moore.....2 104000000 112000000 9.0 cM 1272
LK vs. Cornelia Moore.....2 104000000 112000000 9.5 cM 1347
SK vs. Cornelia Moore.....2 104000000 111000000 8.0 cM 1219
KW vs. Cornelia Moore....2 104000000 111000000 8.0 cM 1201
NF vs. Cornelia Moore.....2 105000000 113000000 8.5 cM 1193

my known Irish, Scots and English ancestral names are; Higgins,
Collins, Black, Ross, McDonald, McPhail, McAskill, McLennan,
McGuffie, Young, Smith, Aitken, Atkinson, Richards, Cross, Peyton and
Payton, Gilbert, Hawkins, Rayner, Freeman, Chittenden, Randolph,
Stockton, Plummer, Airey, Pearson (of Yorkshire) and possibly Hind
and Salmon, and others I do not yet know. I cannot yet say for
certain whether my Youngs are Gaelic, British or German.

I am wondering which of these surnames each individual has in common
with my ancestry. as some Irish and Scots travelled back and forth to
England, there are likely connections to British surnames as well. I
have sent messages through 23andme but that isn't always successful

I'd greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions as to how to
make these connections.

thank you,


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