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Subject: [DNA] I1-AS7E Origins--New Evidence on Titus Family
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:12:54 EDT

I have just discovered from the Titus project that the AS7E Titus family is
believed to descend from Syrach Titus de Vries born c 1630 in Frisia, d
1688 Flatbush, NY. A brief internet search indicates that this line is
well-documented, although I would like to be sure that the AS7E representative
has proof of descent from Syrach Titus.

I found this information on the Titus family while looking at AS7E families
which appear to share common ancestry before the age of surnames and
which, for convenience, I am calling AS7E Founders.

There are a number of families in the group which are close to the modal
and seem to form a sub-cluster which shared common ancestry after surnames
were adopted in England--of these Childers probably has the oldest
documented line so far, which we believe (but can't quite prove) goes back to
Leeds, Yorkshire in the 16th century.

Several other families may be the result of NPE's from Childers--ie they
were in a likely place at the right time--and several men, whose names I
don't include in the AS7E group, know or believe they are Childers
descendants. Thus--good circumstantial evidence that Childers may have generated some
of the suspected NPE's in AS7E.

Others like Farley and Trimble are close enough to have shared a common
ancestor after surnames were adopted, but were not in the right place to have
been NPE's from Childers over the past several hundred years.

My Britton family, which has no close matches in AS7E, looks like another
founding family, as do Lindeborg, Ward, and Titus and perhaps one or two
more which I haven't yet analysed.

Genealogies for Britton, Ward, and now Titus all go back to the 17th

Until the new evidence on Titus turned up yesterday, I had been thinking
that a Danish origin was more likely in view of the coalescence age of 1200
years. But now that Titus as well as Lindeborg (the most genetically
distant lines) appear to be Continental, we are left with a group of English
families all of which could descend from a common ancestor who lived about
1000 years ago, and I'm starting to wonder whether their ancestor(s) could
have arrived with the Normans.

I should add that I have used Ancestry's MRCA calculations for my analysis.


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