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From: Vince Tilroe <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Homo sp. Altai complete mitochondrial genome sequencefrom Denisova, Altai Russia
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:50:05 -0600
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I would assume the recent Phylotree Build 8 update goes along with the
article recently listed on PubMed:

Letter: Mannis van Oven

"Revision of the mtDNA tree and corresponding haplogroup
nomenclature", PNAS 2010
107 (11) E38-E39; doi:10.1073/pnas.0915120107

"Detailed knowledge about the human mitochondrial (mt)DNA phylogeny (1) is
accumulating rapidly because of the growing number of available complete
mtDNA sequences from diverse populations across the world. The work by Zhao
et al. (2) makes a valuable contribution to this knowledge by describing 25
complete mtDNA sequences from Tibetan and neighboring populations. However,
the phylogenetic tree shown in their figure 3 presents several conflicts
regarding haplogroup nomenclature, as detailed below. As a solution, I
hereby provide an updated mtDNA phylogeny (Fig. 1) with revised haplogroup
nomenclature containing the 25 sequences by Zhao et al. plus an additional
53 sequences that are relevant for the tree topology. Starting from the left
of Fig. 1, four changes are proposed."

Does this constitute "published literature" status for the new haplogroup
designations? Can I officially call myself U5a1a1 now?

Vince T.

On 29 March 2010 11:27, Ian Logan <> wrote:

> By the way: I am surprised nobody has mentioned that the chart at:
> was updated at the end of last week.
> Ian

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