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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Homo sp. Altai complete mitochondrial genome sequencefromDenisova, Altai Russia
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 07:37:59 +0100

I sent this yesterday - but it has not appeared on the list - Is there a problem ?
I'll try again.


This is my very first try !

But I am sure it will not be the final list !

( . for deletions, .C etc. for insertions)

Test - Cambridge
and - FN673705(Altai)

A73G C150T C151T T152C A189G T195A 196.C G247. T252C A263G
T282C A291. C299. C309. 315.C 315.C C340T A385G C456T C486T
C505T C522. A523. C534T C575T T596C G709A C736A T825A A827G
C868T A928G C1009T G1018A C1048T G1393A C1405T G1442A T1673C G1709A
G1719A A1761T G1888A G2056A C2284T A2402G T2404C C2523T G2758A G2831C
T2885C T2955C G3277A T3290C G3357A G3421A G3496T T3504A G3591A C3594T
C3636T A3714G C3747T T3753C C3764T A3816G C3832T G3834A C3870T C3888T
C3909T A3957G C3978T T4047C G4048A G4092A A4104G C4312T C4318T C4456T
A4562G T4586C T4622C G4659A A4769G T4856C C4904T C4914T T4928C T4937C
C4940T A4956G A4958G G4959A G4991A T5021C G5147A C5270T A5351G A5381G
C5387T C5447T G5471A A5474G T5508C A5516G A5539G T5580C A5600G G5821A
C5840T 5894.A 5894.A 5899.C 5899.C 5899.C 5899.C G6023A A6040G G6150A
T6152C T6221C C6242T A6266C T6351C G6366A C6452T C6483T A6485G A6509G
T6512C A6530G C6542T C6566T C6569A T6641C T6719C G6917A C6935T C6938T
T6956G C7028T A7076G A7146G C7232T C7256T T7270C G7316A G7337A A7403G
A7474G G7521A T7609C T7621C C7650T G7664A T7705C T7741C G7789A C7810T
C7868T C7891T T7961C A8008G A8021G G8065A C8140T G8152A T8167C C8203T
C8406T C8455T C8461T C8488T T8503C A8521G G8545A C8655T A8677C A8701G
A8718G T8772C A8784G A8860G C8943T G8994A C9060A C9075T A9080G C9168T
A9254G G9300A T9325C G9329C G9380A A9434G C9449T C9527T T9530C C9536T
T9540C C9566T A9629G T9647C T9716C G9755A T9758C T9797C C9839A C9869T
C9884T T9899C G9932A G9966A C10088T T10101C G10172A C10196T C10223T T10238C
C10307T T10324C A10385G A10398G C10547T G10586A C10670T G10688A T10742C A10750G
T10810C T10873C A10876G T10909C T10915C C10930T T10966G G11016A A11065G C11071T
T11075C T11147C C11215T C11270T A11314G C11503T C11549T A11551G A11590G G11719A
T11770C T11864C G11914A C11983T A12001G G12007A C12064T T12189C A12193T C12238T
T12311C C12346T G12372A T12375C G12406A A12420G C12474T T12477C G12528A G12561A
G12630A A12654G G12684A A12699G C12705T T12714C G12756A C12801T A12810G T12879C
A12921G T13020C A13062G T13095C A13104G A13105G A13269G A13276G A13350G G13359A
G13368A A13434G T13437C T13488C C13506T A13528G A13629G T13635C C13650T T13656C
C13680T T13819C A13827G T13879C G13889A T13896C C13923T G13928A G13968A A14007G
T14020C T14034C A14053G C14073T T14088C C14194T A14230G A14296G G14305A T14311C
A14409G G14476A T14494C G14560A G14569A A14605G A14662G A14693G T14757C C14766T
C14800T A14839G G14869A C14950T A14954G T14956C T14971C G15043A C15100T G15110A
G15148A G15172C T15191C A15244G C15250T A15326G G15355A A15358G C15403T C15443T
C15490T A15562G C15643T A15649G C15667T C15742T C15778T C15857T G15883A T15941C
A16070G A16081G G16129A C16134T C16148T C16169T A16171C T16172C A16182. A16183.
C16187T C16188T T16189C 16193.C T16209C G16213A T16243C C16245T T16249C C16259A
C16266T G16274A C16278T C16294T T16304C T16311C A16317C C16320T C16355T T16356C
T16362C T16368C G16391A A16399G A16487G A16497G T16519C C16527T

Mutation Count = 398
Calculated MRCA = 597000 YBP (Just my first very rough suggestion)

And, the list of tRNA mutations ....

1. Phe.. T596C
2. Val..
3. Leu(UUR)..G3277A T3290C
4. Ile.. C4312T C4318T
5. Gln..
6. Met.. C4456T
7. Trp.. A5516G A5539G
8. Ala.. A5600G
9. Asn..
10. Cys.. G5821A
11. Tyr.. C5840T
12. Ser(UCN).. A7474G
13. Asp.. G7521A
14. Lys..
15. Gly..
16. Arg..
17. His.. T12189C A12193T
18. Ser(AGY).. C12238T
19. Leu(CUN).. T12311C
20. Glu.. A14693G
21. Thr.. T15941C
22. Pro..



The mtDNA sequence for the new Homo sp. is now on GenBank

The direct link is:

The Accession Number is FN673705 (not FM....).

By the way: I am surprised nobody has mentioned that the chart at:

was updated at the end of last week.


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