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From: vernade didier <>
Subject: [DNA] Sephardim or Moors ?
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 12:34:09 +0000 (GMT)


This post is for G haplogroup among "iberians". Below are the 2 opposite choices I found : the Nuevo Mexico project is grouping them as "Moors" while Adams et al. (2008 - see below) are mainly considering them as ancient sephardic populations (not all G are called sephardic but there is a clear enhancement of "Gs" among sephardic jews as filtered out by Adams et al.)
links :
Nuevo Mexico project

Adams et al. (2008)
The Genetic Legacy of Religious Diversity and Intolerance: Paternal Lineages of Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('3ftool','articlerender.cgi');@@3d19061982

So, Sephardic or Moors ? May be neither of these ?
A point I would like to stress is that a DYS425 value is badly missing for all those who didn't test on 67 markers. DYS425=14 is specific to all G2a3 and subclades while all other "Gs" have DYS425=12 . Knowing whether all these Gs are G2a3 or more exotic G subgroups would clarify the situation.

One hypothetical guess : recently the possibility of R1b-ht35 cohanim has been under focus. G2a3 may have been in some kind of joint venture with R1b-ht35 in the early metallurgy (copper) probably responsible for the spread of these groups.


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