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From: "Ricardo Costa de Oliveira" <>
Subject: [DNA] RES: Sephardim or Moors ?
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 17:33:40 -0300
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Generic haplogroups and minihaplotypes will not be enough !

We need more resolution and accuracy.
All possible available SNPs must be tested and we need the FTDNA 67 markers
or at least the SMGF 40 markers set.
Following this methodology we can find the relevant roots of the genetic
signatures and the ethnic motifs. Haplotypes are social beings and only the
good databases can unearth the historical movements via statistical
That's the point.


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So, to make things clear : you think that many of those identified as
sepharads by Adams et al. are not truly sepharads in origin (Y DNA) .

Otherwise a large set of G among sepharads would require an explanation.


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